A Review of Free YouTube Downloader at AndDownload.com

There’s NO such thing as FREE. Sometimes lessons have to be learned (avoided) the hard (easy) way. and when it comes to bloatware attack there is no substitute for experiencing downware first-hand. This research will brief outlines the risks that can occur on your own PC if the wrong platform or setup application is chosen; as well as offers so-called recommendations for installing more junkware on your computer system.

Next step? Discover what common pitfalls to avoid when using the Internet.

A First-look at AndDownload.com: Risky advertisement

Clicking on the green button "START Download" will open the download page for TelevisionFanatic toolbar from televisionfanatic.com (URL, download.televisionfanatic.com/index.jhtml?spu=true&partner=XPxdm307&gclid=CNytvpOJusgCFQeUfgodJI8Law)

It’s the variant of Ask.com Toolbar – AVOID it!

Ask toolbar based business applications have enabled site administrators, and other companies to take advantage of misleading ads and significant hijacking a browser benefits. However, carelessly surfing or installing some 3rd-party program can expose your Windows even Mac OS to serious risk, by following "these easy (RISKY) steps":

Step 1:
Click ‘Free Download’
Step 2:
Click ‘Install’
Step 3:
Click ‘Allow’
Step 4:
Click ‘Install’ again

That said, unfortuanately, Firefox was allowing starters to install that annoying add-on (* our upload at VT has detection ratio of 18 /56!) directly. Wanna contact televisionfanatic.com? Negative, as we read this error "File Not Found" from mindspark.com (URL, support.mindspark.com/ics/support/ticketnewwizard.asp?style=classic)

WARNING! Downware can be downloaded!

FEW steps to messing up your programs lis:

  • Open this URL anddownload.com/free-youtube-downloader/download/58782/8398?expires=1444557044&key=ac78cfa2e5843124f68ca89c5c44b27c561a22e4a3e4e2.07197826&signature=fe93dc84fff54438dcd77075cdfaf21b9442265638c9d69b998cd2dfb196a370d22954addf64c78fa967cb73cb3dc1fcbb77cf45bc66ca21c6a6343fa27e95da&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc
  • Seems that someone at anddownload.com has removed that installation file at re-izudumus59.com/n/118720008/Free%20YouTube%20Downloader.exe

Well, here’re the mentioned “additional software that may be offered during the installation process”. For more info, read this page anddownload.com/software

  • Iminent Toolbar: iminent.com/
  • (Conduit) Search Protect: info.trovi.com/searchprotect/about
  • More…

When it comes to computer security, you guys need a comprehensive strategy that can maximize the efficient use of an antivirus software, common sense of privacy and www safety tips in the future. Meantime, IT must properly educate inexperienced users on the appropriate security measures for any device, in order to ensure more successful security. We hope that you enjoy this article, as it’s helpful and informative! We thought you could want to check out Ratedon.com for more information surrounding product & service review.

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A Review of Free YouTube Downloader at AndDownload.com

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